Hessen-Gatermann Update #germany

Roger Lustig

Dear All:

Hats off to Liz Levy, who's the first to submit a completed index. She
did the birth records for Flieden, Kreis Fulda, and has moved on to the
marriages >from that town. At the rate that she and Gabriel Moeller are
working, we should have Kreis (county) Fulda, including Fulda itself,
finished in no time.

Thanks for the many offers to help. As I mentioned before, you need not
be able to read anything other than year numbers in order to make a
valuable contribution. A spreadsheet with dates and image numbers
already in place is more valuable than you might think! Please take a
look at the introduction-and-instructions sheet I've posted at


Please send me your comments about it, or add comments to the document

I've made an inventory of the available image sets. There are about
1000 items listed in the catalog. 150 of those are not on line, notably
the records >from Frankfurt/Main. (That's OK--the archive should take
its time. Frankfurt is going to be a big job!)

Of the rest, perhaps 500 will fit within the scope of the current
indexing project, which can be defined as "vital records starting circa
1824." Quite a few of those 500 represent copies of other registers in
the set, so the number may be closer to 400. We have about 60 registers
already indexed, though that number is deceptive--at least 7 of those
had no records at all, and several of the others had only a handful.

Currently, about 15 other items are in the pipeline, i.e., people have
started on them or said they'll move on to them. So don't think
you've missed your opportunity to help!

Several people have offered to help with the cemetery surveys, of which
there are about 50. Many of these are largely in Hebrew, being full or
partial transcriptions of gravestones. If you can read Hebrew, I'm sure
we can find someone to help you with the German. I'm in contact with
Nolan Altman at JOWBR, who is enthusiastic about receiving
transcriptions that become part of that wonderful database. Here's a sample:


Thanks again,

Roger Lustig Princeton, NJ USA research coordinator, GerSIG

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