JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Viewmate: What uniform is this? #general

Sheila Toffell

This is a photo of a cousin of mine in some sort of Russian military /
organization garb. He was an officer in the Russian army, and was lost,
MIA, during WW2. He looks to be in his late teens in this picture, so that
puts it circa 1925-30. I am interested in finding out what the uniform is,
and what the insignia and medals are.

The picture was sent to me by his daughter, who now lives in Israel.
Although I have not yet got her note translated >from the Russian, I believe
she may have found this picture when going through her recently deceased
mother's belongings. My cousin knows very little about her father, as she
was a young child when he was lost, so both she and I would be interested in
any details. The Viewmate link is File # VM6603


Sheila Toffell

Glen Rock NJ

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