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Jules Levin

At 05:27 AM 8/6/2005, you wrote:

I retreived my uncle's Petition for Citizenship - on it is "I was born
in Dolhinif, Russia on March 9, 1905".

Can not find town, village, city or anything about this?

This is Dolginovo (ex Dolginuv, Dolginov, or Dolhinow) located near the
larger town Vileyka in Belarus at 5439 2729.
I concur with Alexander Sharon. The spelling and the actual name reveal
that we cannot allow ourselves to be too influenced by formal spelling
rules of contemporary Slavic languages. Although spelled with a Cyrillic
'g', in the local dialect, now called Belarusan, but more likely known to
the locals in 1905 as simply "prosta mova"--the simple tongue, to
distinguish it >from Lithuanian, this would have been pronounced like a
voiced velar fricative, like the 'g' in agua in some Spanishes, and no
doubt represented in English by 'h'. Not only was this the normal
pronunciation of 'hard' 'g' in Belarus, but also in vast areas of Southern
Russia, extending North quite close to the southern reaches of Moscow. The
spelling -if at the end is not a bad rendering of the unstressed final
Jules Levin
Professor of Russian and Linguistics, Emeritus
Los Angeles

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