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dennis gries


May I make a suggestion: Don't bother with copies.

I have a very large project underway, now nearing 5,000 connected people (a
"non-Jewish" study). I merely make census transcriptions. There are format
sheets that you can download, print, and then fill in manually, or even type
into (as with a real typewriter). Or you may enter the data into a
spreadsheet/workbook format.

I have been in Philadelphia NARA and made a couple of copies. This is a
very trying exercise. The census registers after a point must have been
even larger than 11x17 inches. Remember that the census sheet is really not
that personal, and you will be copying sheets that you always will be able
to review (since you referred to sites xxxA and xxxB) which will add
immensely to your more personal genie paperwork. Most of the data really is
not that significant, and unless your target is in lines 1... or 51..., you
will be preserving lots of useless data about others.

As the saying goes, JMHO. Write me offline, and I believe that I have
"workbook" templates.

Dennis Gries
Sarasota, FL

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