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Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

I've noticed that a good resource for the U.S. Census has been left out of
the recent discussions on the topic. What is the resource? It is the local
public library. Most cities and/or counties in America have one or more
library branches which have full sets of the U.S. Census. Local libraries
are easy to get to and are free!!!

In my beginning forays as a researcher many years ago I spent much time in
the Main Public Library in Miami, FL, with great results. This was before
the advent of on-line databases where you have to pay for the information.
Later, when I tried these on-line databases to see how they compared with
looking through the Census manually, there was no comparison. For instance,
I couldn't find my grandfather at all and I had easily been able to do so

Also, sometimes, for some reason, one microfilmed set of the Census can be
better than another, so if you find a poor copy of a page, you might look at
a copy in another location. It is worth a try.

Ann Rabinowitz

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