JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Canada 1911 Census Help - Winnipeg Sub-Districts -Selkirk Ave #general

RGerber <rgerber30@...>

I too have been looking in the Winnipeg census for 1911. Here is what I
have gathered so far:

subdistrict 79 covers >from about 600 block to 1000 block of Selkirk, Flora,
and Dufferin
81> 200-500 block of Burrows, Magnus, Manitoba, Selkirk and Pritchard
82> 400-600 block of Selkirk, Pritchard, Manitoba and Magnus
83> 600-800 block of Selkirk
84> 900 block west of Pritchard, Magnus and Selkirk

This is just >from my own notes, and is not intended to be complete. There
were a large number of Jews living in this area at the time, and I am hoping
to find my relatives. Addresses that I have been given are 228 Pritchard,
711 Selkirk, and the intersection of Main and St. Johns. No luck so far.

Rebecca Gerber
Glenview, IL

searching in the 1911 Winnipeg census for: Rosenberg and

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