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The 1900 census lists birth month and year. On the particular page noting
the residents of 7th Avenue North in Minneapolis that year, I notice that
the June 9th census-taker left out some of the birth months.

In the instance of Abraham ISAACS (head of the family) only his birth year
of 1862 is listed (The birth months of Isaacs' wife, Bluma and all of their
children are provided along with the birth year.)

However the youngest member of the Isaacs' next door neighbor's family's
birth months and years appear directly above the listing for the Isaacs'
family's (specifically Abraham's_.

In other words we have

(Son) Aaron (neighbor's family) (Born) May 1892

(followed by the next family entry)

(Head) Abraham Issacs (Born) 1862

So.. could this mean that Abraham was born in May, 1862 and the census taker
just failed to use quotation marks denoting one birth was in Mary 1892 and the
next listed on the sheet was in May 1862, or does one entry have absolutely
nothing to do with the next?

Stacy Harris
Nashville, Tennessee

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