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According to the 1900 Federal Census for Minneapolis, Abraham ISAACS,
an "iron yard manager" born in 1862, immigrated >from Russia, apparently
about 1872. (The handwriting is hard to read). The 1920 census suggests
Abe came to this country in 180 and may not have been naturalized until
1898 (again, hard t read).

Abe, who aparently did marry his wife, Bluma Rivka
until about 1898 was previously married, possibly to women with the
surnames HARRIS and PRIESMAN.

Since Abe's sister lived in New York I think Abe probably lived there
with one of his former wives and his older children about 1890. If
anyone can find either a New York or Minneapolis listing for Abe and
his family [including children, Benjamin, Mirtle (a misspelling of
Myrtle?), Meyer and Harry] I would most appreciate them letting me know.

Abe lived with Bluma on 7th Avenue North in Minneapolis 1900 and at 909
Logan Avenue in Minneapolis in 1920 and in 1930. Don't know where they
were in 1910.
Thank you.

Stacy Harris
Nashville, Tennessee

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