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Kirsten Gradel <kmgradel@...>

I have posted part of two Cyrillic documents, a M and a B record >from the
town Gorzkow, LU, Poland, abt. 45 km SSE of Lublin in Krasnystaw district.

The groom's hometown is rather a surprise so I need help - confirmation or
correction - of my reading. I am helping a new researcher who has waited
several years to find this evidence of her Gorzkow family, her mother the
only survivor of her family and reluctant to talk - so it is very
important I do not lead her astray.

A translation as such is not needed, just the geography, please.

1) A marriage >from 1897. I read the groom Dawid Wulf DYCHTWALD's hometown
to be Wodzislaw where he lives/lived with his parents. Correct? The bride
is a native of Gorzkow. The record is located at

2) The second document is a birth record for Ester Blima DYCHTWALD >from
1900 - above couple's first(?) child Ester Blima. Here I read the father
to be now residing in Wladyslawow district(gmina), Konin ueyzda(county),
Kalisz Gubern.(province). This is quite a way >from Wodzislaw and even
longer >from Gorzkow but I can only read it that way. The records is
located at


Kirsten Gradel
Nyborg, Denmark
Zamosc Archives Project Coordinator
Jewish Records Indexing - Poland


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