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Tom Smith <tmsmith2@...>

Dear Jewishgen:

The details of my paternal grandfather's background have been somewhat
of a mystery to our family. His death certificate >from 1936 in Chicago
shows his birthplace as Kadon, Russia. His father's surname is shown on
the certificate as Smith and his mother's maiden name as Block. However,
when I searched for Kadon, I hit no exact spelling but many sound
alikes. Before coming to the USA, family lore has it that he was in
South Africa for a few years during and after the Boer War. However, I
have not yet been able to find any records of this. He married my
grandmother in Chicago, and she was >from Vendzigola near Kovno,

Does anyone have a notion as to which place would most likely be
referred to in English as Kadon? Also, what would be the best database
for online search of this place?

Tom Smith
Van Nuys, CA USA

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