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Debbie Skolnik <debskolnik@...>

I have hit a bit of a brick wall in my search for my
grandparents' marriage certificate in either Brooklyn
or Manhatten >from 1907-1909. Using these dates is
based on info >from the 1910 Federal census, which
indicates that they were married two years when the
census was taken.

Should I expand the years searched as well as other
locations? So far as I know, they only ever lived in
Brooklyn, but of course they could have been married
somewhere else.

Part of the problem is that my grandfather has an
extremely common name -- Barnet/Barney Cohen -- and I
haven't yet definitely found his immigration record
anywhere (Ellis Island, pay genealogy web sites). I'm
quite frustrated with this as well. I'm thinking he
probably came over under another name, but none of the
"sounds like" search tools have brought up anyone I
can definitely identify as my grandfather.

I'd be very grateful for some suggestions to help me
get past this roadblock -- thanks in advance.

Debbie Cohen Skolnik
Fairview, NC


LANDY, LANDE, LONDIN -- Bialystok-Chicago (Tilly Landy)
GARBARSH, GARBAR, GERBER -- Ostrow - Chicago (Jacob Gerber)
SOLUTUSZKYN -- ??Jatyn (on Ellis Island Records)-Brooklyn, NY
Peshe (Bessie) Solutuszkyn Cohen
KISSIN -- Kiev-Brooklyn, NY became Barney or Barnet Cohen at some

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