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Gnarlodious <gnarlodious@...>

Entity Scheimer, Deborah uttered this profundity:

Webmasters beware: you
should be hiding your online family histories behind passwords that you
only reveal to relatives and others you can trust. Alternatively, you
can put "Living XXX" (where XXX is the appropriate surname) with no
other revealing information for anyone living. The benefit of using the
"Living XXX" option is that your family history is available to
Google-type searches so that potential relatives can find you.
I will soon be publishing my family's genealogy so it will be searchable by
Google. I do plan to remove personal information for living people, such as
birthdates. As a webmaster concerned with privacy this seems appropriate.

Am I on the right track here? As Yehuda said, I want to facilitate finding
ancestors to others searching online, as I am the first to ever catalogue
the family tree.

Any advice welcome.

Rachel Cogent

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