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I have had some trouble finding my great-great aunt, Sheyna Chaya SCHMID
(sadie smith) in any kind of immigration record. I am interested in finding
her, since I think I have found a reference to her and my great grandmother
(and their parents) in a census (revision list) >from Salakas, Lithuania.

Her husband, Lipe Schmid came over in 1913 to Galveston, and I found his name
fairly easily--he seems to be >from Svencionys. Family lore has it that she
followed him later, into Ellis Island. Census >from 1930 in Chicago, says 1920
was her date of immigration.

The short of it is that i have not been able to find her. There are many
Scheine (etc.) Schmid (various spellings), and even many >from Lithuania, but
age usually eliminates her as the right choice (depening on what you believe
as her time of birth), she would have been between about 25 to 35 years old,
and indicated as being >from really anywhere in Kovno or Vilna Gubernia, though
if not indicated by the major city, then probably Salakas (Shalok and other
spellings) or Svencionys, where her husband seems to be from. depending on year
of entry, this could have been considered "russia" or "lithunia"

I have also looked for her in most of the other American ports of entry. I have
noot tried Canada yet.

Any ideas?


Steve Bloom
Farmville, VA

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