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The following two books may be of assistance, published by the federation of
familyhistory societes.

Dating Nineteenth Century Photographs by Robert Pols ISBN 1 86006 188 5
Dating Twentieth Century Photographs by Robert Pols

Their website for these publications which are very cheap.

Best regards
Keith Martin
Leeds UK
Researching Staal, Vaz Martines, Hambro
amongst others

Hi everyone, I am researching old family photos to help my brother with
geneology research for our family. We would like to date the photos using
the fashion our family members wore. I am looking for a good historical
book on costume for 19th - early 20th century costume for Eastern
Europeans and immigrants to the US.
I am a history major in college, but not have much so far locating a book
for the area I am researching. Anyone have any luck finding a good
- Elisa Lewak
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