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My bride-to-be, Sophie, is running into problems establishing the
Jewishness of her mother's line to some rabbis (who got set on the case
before it came out that Sophie's grandmother held seders) and she has
been instructed to find evidence that Sophie's great grandmother was
buried in a Jewish cemetery. This would be in New York. The rabbis
suggested "the department of records." Is the name of the cemetery of
burial even in such records? I can't imagine what kind of records the
rabbi's were referring to besides death certificates. We're in a hurry
to settle this because the invitations are already out for an wedding
and reception on the 28th at an orthodox shul (we're not even religious,
but it's where I was Bar Mitzvah). Can anybody offer us advice? We'd be

- Oliver Baker

P.S. Just as a shot in the dark, the particular great and great-great
grandmothers in question are

Blanche Yankauer (died 1951 in NY) &
Teresa Monheimer (died ~1880-1899 in NY)

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