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Todd Brody

There is an amazing home video of Lithuania t theis
website that is about ten minutes long. I was
wondering if anyone who is familiar with Lithuania can
identify the small shetyls in the beginning of the
film. I sent an email to the archives and they said
that the towns had not been identified in the film.
It looks like it could be Telz (based upon pictures I
have seen of Telz) but who knows.

In one of the scenes, there is a quick flash on what
appears to be either a yeshiva or a shul and you can
see the writing at the top (that presumably would
identify the building) but it is literally two seconds
long and when I tried to freeze that frame, I could
not get a good look at the writing.

--- "Beryl. B" <balden@...> wrote:
Something to look at when you have time to spare........
they are very interesting sites.

Great site. Click the link below and you'll have
Spielberg film archives on Israel at your disposal.
You'll see films on Israel >from 1911 onward.
Beryl Baleson

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