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I am looking for Melvin, Joe and Evelyn RABINOWITZ, children of Hyman and
They would be 80 years old now, +/- some years. I am hoping they are
living and well.

Though I don't believe they are direct relatives, my great great
grandmother, Rebeccas SCHULTZ was a lodger in their house (according to the 1930
census). Though she may have only lived their briefly, I am guessing this is
not the case, as she was already elderly, and being illiterate, could not have
functioned well if she had to move a lot.
I am hoping the (then) children could share some memories of her, if
possible. There is a chance we could be cousins, though I am unaware of
what the relationship would be. More likely there is a professional
connection of sorts. I know her (Rebeccas) oldest son was a butcher, and
apparently Hyman is also a butcher. So, perhaps the son, Max SCHULTZ, knew
of this other butcher who had room in his house for the elderly mother.

I found out last week, with the help of kind genners, that Rebecca SCHULTZ
was burried at Waldheim, in the Anshe Chodokov section (spelled as
"Chordokover"). As this was a congregation, there might be a connection
along those lines.

Rebecca was living on Trumbull St. in Chicago when she died in 1949, if
that rings a bell.

Steven D. Bloom

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