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robert fraser <robertandginafraser@...>

A lot depends on what you mean by "publishing" and "genealogy". My
approach, and there are no doubt very many, has been to follow the style set
by my parents, who spent years, off and on, writing their story, or
testimony, if you like. Since I got seriously on to it, I've edited their
writing, corrected language and grammatical errors, added new information
that they never knew, added personal comments and some background history.

It isn't a genealogy, as in a long boring list on names, places and dates.
It's a story told in first person format of the history of my parents and
ancestors. It's also a work in progress; as new information comes to light,
it's "plugged into" the story. If some information is missing, I say so.
*One day* it will be finished and it will be "published". That is, copies
will go to a few close relatives and perhaps to the library of our local

Robert W Fraser
Dianella, Western Australia

Gnarlodious wrote:

I will soon be publishing my family's genealogy so it will be searchable by
Google. I do plan to remove personal information for living people, such as
birthdates. As a webmaster concerned with privacy this seems appropriate.

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