[Another] database of Jewish cemeteries in Europe #germany

Sylvia Stawski <sylvia@...>

Dear All:

Accidently I came across the web-site of Lo Tishkach,


[In English, German, Russian, Hebrew and French versions].

I don't remember whether this site has been mentioned before.
I quote >from the website:

"The Lo Tishkach online database of European Jewish cemeteries and
burial sites now contains over 9,000 listings in some 29 European
countries." .................[snip]

I hope this is of help for those who are looking for a specific European
Jewish cemetery. Even if many fields in the database are not yet filled
in, sometimes an address does help. Apart >from the database, there is
also more general information on the website.

All the best,

Sylvia Stawski, Grossenkneten, Niedersachsen, Germany

Moderator Note: Other sources of European Jewish cemetery information



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