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I'd like to offer a differing opinion about this topic, in total
agreement with Stan Goodman.

If I list someone as "daughter, living", how can this lead to identity
theft? Even if I list "Ann, still living", how can this lead to identity
theft???? And how many cases of identity theft have you heard of which
began with info >from a genealogy website????
Well, my ISP (Internet Service Provider) BT Yahoo uses my mother's maiden
name as a way of accessing the Internet if I have forgotten my password.

There is lots of information that is obviously available on the Internet.
One person who posts on this newsgroup referred to me half-jokingly as
"spying" on her when I looked up her name and then when I wrote to her I
referred to some information I had found out about her.

I think I have referred previously to "data warehousing" which is used by
marketing companies. If they have a number of databases containing
information collected independently about people, they can then pool the
information >from the different databases to build up a much more detailed
picture of individuals.

In effect, the Internet is a intersecting set of a vast number of
independent databases.

Genealogical researchers are able to use this facility to build up a picture
of their ancestors.

Whilst noone minds this about people who are no longer alive, but people are
quite right to be concerned about the information about themselves available
on the Internet.

As in other areas of public interest, the fact that something is interesting
doesn't necessarily mean that such things are in the public interest.
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