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whilst I agree with the sentiments of preserving electronic information,
the idea of using a "universal" language has been tried before. As no-one
has a crystal ball that can know which way technology will go, the
universal language approach fails.

Good old pieces of paper last through the centuries, and computers can
print out their information on paper.

It is still the best approach to future proof in my opinion
There are also serious problems of storage of paper - space, envioronment,
the quality of the paper etc, the documentataion.

Of course, the amount of information expands exponentially with computers -
just think of the amount of output that computers generate - so much for the
paperless office!

But see the UK National Archive website about standards for storage of

The fact is that there are problems with the storage of records - both paper
and electronic.

Organisations need to have constant review on their record storage. There is
going to be a problem if records are kept for ever without any review of the
necessity for their retention.

I recently heard of a hospital where the employment records were kept in a
basement which was flooded and there were rats, and so they had to throw out
the records because they were a health danger.

Any serious organisation in the UK has to have a Records Management Policy.
The aspect of proper method of storage will be considered in such a policy.

Long-term storage will be in an Archive. They will have rules about method
of storage.

I do know that electronic computer tapes which were archived used to be
recopied every year in case there was any loss of quality in the data

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