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Dear Sulamith,

My grandfather, >from Botosani, Romania, was a hatter for some years and
worked for Stetson in Philadelphia after his arrival in the US.

"Mad hatter's disease" is (physical and) mental illness caused by exposure
to mercury used in processing felt. It was long known to be an occupational
hazard, though the exact cause may not have been known at the time. You can
find a lot of information on this by using a search engine like Google. For
example, this excerpt from "Unfortunately the
workers in the felt hat trade absorbed mercury through their skins; the
resulting mercury poisoning caused shaking and slurred speech, being known
as "hatter's disease", which is believed to have inspired the character of
the Mad Hatter in Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland...."


Alberta Freidus-Flagg
Honolulu, Hawaii

(Researching FREIDUS (Zagare, Riga, NYC, Johannesburg);
LEVIT/LEVITT/LEAVITT (Koknese Courland, NYC); BAS/BASS (Courland); SACHS
(Zagare); LEIBOVIT (Botosani, Key West, Miami, Palm Beach, Florida);
WEINSTEIN (Odessa, Key West); APOTHEKER (Iasi, Key West).=20

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