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Subject: Re: Publishing Genealogies - What's the point?
From: Evelyne Haendel haendelevelyne@...

I was struck by the pertinence of Yehuda Ben Schlomo first posting and
fully agree to it. Reading this second posting obviously rings a bell for
me. If anything I would have been the most happier woman to locate somewhere
a name on a family tree with whom I could have found a connection. Besides
destroyed records there also are destroyed families, as we all know and one
connection can mean so much!

Evelyne Haendel
Liege, Belgium

Searching: HANDEL/HENDEL, HECHT, KARPEL >from Sniatyn (now Ukraine) Mihaileni
WOLFOWICZ/ WOLFOWITZ , >from Kutno, Ozorkow, Lodz, Dortmund, New York
ERHLICH, FROMER/FROMMER >from Ozorkow, Lodz, Dortmund

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