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Is there a way we can access the WWII Draft Registration cards for those who
don't belong in the Old Timers group (the 4th Registration)?

Also, were all boys who were 18 years old and older required to register
regardless of disability (like they do now)?

~Marie Lubman
Of course. One registered and was given a card bearing one's classification, >from
1A (eligible for conscription) through deferred classes for occupational,
educational, or other reasons to 4F (rejected for physical or other reasons). Else
how would the Selective Service Commission keep track of who was deferred or
exempted and who was not? And how would a disabled person be able to show that he
was deferred or exempted"

By the way, age 18 was not the critical age for most of the war. I had to register
at age 17, but missed being called when the cutoff age was soon raised to 18
shortly before the end of the war, and then, as year later, when conscription was
stopped altogether. There were later wars, of course, in which they got another
bite at the apple.

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