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Can a baby girl be named after her recently deceased great grandfather, who has
not as yet had an unveiling of his memorial? The girl was born some 4 months
after the GGF's passing. She is now one week old, (and a real beauty!).
There aren't any halachic restrictions at all; there are customs, which differ
from community to community. You can name her as you wish.
Is (are) there any restriction(s) as to how long after her birth she should be
named in the Synagogue?
I don't know the custom of naming a child in the Synagogue. If it exists, it is a
function of practice in your congregation based on social solidarity.

What would be the female version of the male name "Chaim"?
There are two closely related feminine versions for H.aim, derived >from the same
root: H.aya and H.ava (the latter being the name of the first woman, the rib (and
wife) of Adam. The meaning of the root is "Life". A suggestion: If you wish to
give her also a name customary in English-speaking societies, "Vivian" is derived
from a Latin root with the same meaning.
I would like to ensure correctness in terms of religious and genealogical
protocall. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
You have a freer hand than you seem to think.

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