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A. E. Jordan

Can someone tell me what their experience has been in getting death certificates
from Toronto, Canada >from either 1963 or 1971. Are these records open, available?
In the United States these records would still be considered confidential and only
available to direct family members.

If I got a Canadian death certificate of this era would it have the maiden name of
a woman and the parent's name -- or at least a place for that information to be
filled in? >from the USA I know the information on the actual certificate is
subject to the person who was the informant.

I tried the on line editions of the Toronto newspaper and did not find obits.
Someone >from the list very kindly went out to the cemetery for me and there were
no stones. So the only thing I can think of is the death certificates -- unless
someone has another suggestion that works in Canada.

Many thanks.

Allan Jordan

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