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Susana Leistner Bloch

Dear Marcia,

The town you are looking for is: Visoki Dvor
Current name: Aukstadvaris, Lithuania
Variant names: Wysoki Dwor, Wysaki Dwor,Visokidvor, Wysokidwor,
Aukstdvarys, Aukstdvaris,Aukstadvario, Aukshtadvaris, Auksdvaris

Coordinates: 54°35' 24°32'
Visoki Dvor / Aukstadvaris is 32.1 miles WSW of Vilnius (Vilna)

Jewish population before the Holocaust: 297

There is a lot of information about Aukstadvaris/Visoki Dvor at the
Litvak-SIG website:

All Lithuanian Database:

Also search the JewishGen Website by going to the homepage:
and typing in Aukstadvaris in the "Search this website" box

There are some interesting sites (in English)about Aukstadvaris and
surrounding area:

Susana Leistner Bloch

aunt. Her naturalization papers say that she was
born in Visocki Dvor. The family states that
they were >from Vilna. The other
names are ODENS, ODENHS, ODINETZ. I'm having
difficulty narrowing down where
they might actually be from. The closest match
that I get on JewishGen is Novy
Dvor in Belarus which seems incorrect to
me. However, admittedly I'm unschooled
in this. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks.

Marcia G. Hoffman
Baltimore, MD

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