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Ted Margulis wrote: Relative to the request for
information on the TAUSSIG family name, I have a
little. Back in the 1970s and early 1980s, I knew a
Mrs. TAUSSIG, whose husband had died a number of years
before. He was one of the partners of Hart, Shaftner
and Marx - a well known menswear manufacturer. Mrs.
TAUSSIG lived in Chicago,

Thanks so much Ted. I very much suspect Peter Rath's
TAUSSIG family [he was the original enquirer from
Austria] were >from Vienna and your *Mr and Mrs TAUSSIG
from Chicago* would be a real lucky-dip find! TAUSSIG
is such a common name. However, there are always

Sadly, there are 88 TAUSSIG holocaust victims listed
on the Austrian holocaust site, who were living in
Austria [proper] ie not the pre-1918 Empire
territories like Hungary, Czechoslovakia etc. Birth
dates given and places of birth where known - here are
just a few for us to remember today: Josef 14.01.1900;
Josefine 08.09.1875 Vienna; Karl 16.01.1895 Vienna;
Klara 25.12.1881; Konrad 29.07.1882 Vienna; Kurt
30.05.1928 Vienna; Leonie 17.09.1878; Leopold
15.11.1882 Vienna; Ludwig 23.11.1861 Prague;
Margarethe 06.06.1896 Vienna; Marie 03.10.1880; Marie
30.01.1861; Mathilde 06.03.1893; Betti 27.03.1870;
Olga 31.10.1895; Olga 14.09.1868; Olga 23.11.1860.

When you analyse the holocaust deaths on Yad Vashem,
you find more than 1,000 tragic TAUSSIG victims;
Places of origin, where recorded:

187 Bohemia - 151 Vienna - 121 Hungary - 42 Poland
38 Germany - 27 Moravia.

I think you can immediately see the spread in the
ex-Habsburg territories. That is why I said in my
first analysis, that the message re this genealogical
enquiry should be sent to the Austria-Czech SIG to
target the right audience. Obviously the Hungary SIG
would also be a wise move.

see: and

Celia Male [U.K.]

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