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Eva Floersheim

Bela ROSENTHAL, born in August 1942 in Berlin, survived Holocaust in
Berlin and Theresienstadt against all odds, but lost both of her
parents, as you can read in her profile that we have just published on
Missing Identity.

For now I would particularly like any suggestions for locating
information about her father Siegfried ROSENTHAL for the period 1915 -

Imagine, this man fought for Germany in World War One, fell prisoner of
war in Russia during that war, was stuck in the USSR till he was
returned to Germany in 1938. Then started World War Two in 1939 and he
was sent >from Berlin to Auschwitz where he was murdered in 1943.

Germaqn POW in WWI
Siegfried ROSENTHAL, born 1896 in Mezhirichi (now Ukraine), grew up in
Berlin and volunteered for the German Army in 1915. He served in
Regiment No. 46 in the 5th Army Corps. Fairly early in the war, he was
taken POW by the Russians.
Will it be possible to find out when this happened?
The day the other German POWs were returned to Germany after World War
One, Siegfried ROSENTHAL had typhus and could not travel. As a result of
this he was stuck in the USSR till 1938.
Where can one find information about German POWs in Russia that became
USSR? Where can we locate Siegfried ROSENTHAL's military file in Germany?
Where would any information about possible negotiations for his release
from the USSR to Germany be kept, in addition to his military file?
Life in the USSR >from WWI to 1938
During the years Siegfried ROSENTHAL stayed in the USSR, he married and
had children and lived on a Kolchoz. His first wife probably died. But
what happened to his children when he went back to Germany? Will Bela
ROSENTHAL be able to locate these children - her halfsister/s and/or
halfbrother/s? How many were they? When were they born? What were they
called? Are any of them still alive? Could such information be listed in
Siegfried ROSENTHAL's military file as part of the information noted
after he was located in the USSR and/or after his return to Germany in
Would the Red Cross office in Moscow be the best place to search for
Siegfried ROSENTHAL's children in the USSR?
In other words, which German archives may be relevant for this search?
Which Russian/former USSR archives may be relevant for this search?

Thank you in advance for any help.

Eva Floersheim
Shadmot Dvorah

Missing Identity

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