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On Thu, 25 Aug 2005 22:14:45 UTC, (Ann
Rabinowitz) opined:

When you are responding to a posting on the JewishGen or other digests,
please do not copy everyone who has also responded to this posting. They
can easily read the followup responses on the digest themselves if they are

It is courteous to copy the original poster to ensure that he/she reads your
Are you saying that one who responds to a query is in some sense
obligated to also send the questioner a copy of his reply? This is
news to me, and I have been using Usenet for well over ten years. It
is totally unnecessary.

The poster of a question participates in the forum either through
Usenet or by email. If the latter, he will certainly receive a copy of
everything the forum distributes, including answers to his question.
If he reads the newsgroup, he certainly will (being interested in
geting an answer) continue to read the newsgroup.

It is not necessary to patronize him by sending him an additional
personal "engraved" copy of each reply. Non-technical people like most
of those in this forum may not realize it, but it is not particularly
good Internet citizenship to send unnecessary messages. It is also not
particularly courteous to send people superfluous duplicate copies of
material they will receive anyway.

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