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Lynne Shapiro <lynneshap@...>

My preference is to get personal replies as well as replies through the
forum, if it is an issue of general concern. But that is because I get
the forum in the digest format, which means I will normally not see the
replies until the next day unless they are sent directly to me, and
because replies in the digest are more difficult to extrapolate and save
than those sent directly. Many people do not read the digests every day,
so a personal reply is the only way they will see a response. But when
that is the case, people should request private replies with the original

I have found it odd when I've received private letters >from other
responders about issues I responded to. Most of the time, my responses
are not about issues that I care to know more about; I respond when I
think I may be of help to someone else. For example, I have some late
1930s street guides for NYC, which also contain hospital names and such.
When an inquiry comes in that those guides can help answer, I respond,
without my needing to know how others replied to the same question. If I
want the original poster to summarize the replies he or she received and
send them to me, I will specifically request it - the 5% of the time that
the issue is of specific interest to me.

Since people obviously have different ideas as to what is courteous here,
posters should in future be more specific as to how they want their
replies to come. I would hope that even Stan Goodman sends private
replies when they are specifically requested.

By the way, there was one time some months ago in which I asked a
question, received responses, and did not thank all the people who wrote
or send a general thank you to the forum. My intent had been to
summarize the responses, which came in over a period of days, and post
them. But I became very busy and didn't get to it, and then a ridiculous
amount of time went by. I do appreciate those who took the time to write
and apologize for not having said thank you at that time. I have found
that people do generally say thank you when I respond to their questions.
But I also don't keep records or look for a thanks for each response.
Life is too short.

Lynne Shapiro
Western Mass.

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