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My name is Alon Ginzberg. The grandfather of my father had many sisters
in the U.S.A. His name was Michael Rozenshtrom. He was born in 1874 in
Volhnya -Russia (probably >from Ostrog or Zaslev - but I can't be sure)
and in 1923 he immigrated to Palestine - Israel. In our family it was
known that he had many sisters who immigrated to the U.S.A. - among them
there was one sister who I found details about her recently. Her name
was Sprintza (and in America she was called Sophie). Her husband's name
was Frank Horen. She came to the U.S.A in 1910. She had 2 children: Rose
and Jack. Sophie lived in New York and died June 1944. I have a picture
of the tombstone.
Rose Flink and Jack Horen died in the 90'. Both of them have no children.
Sophie (Sprintza) had four (4) sisters, none of whom I know nor do I
have any knowledge of their married names or where they lived. I presume
they are listed by age but am not sure of this: 1- (Sidae or Sigae)
Sonia, 2- (Bloome) Blooma, 3- Hannah, 4- (Toili) Tilley.
There is a notation that there were 3 sons, who must have been brothers,
but there are no names. I presume that these were brothers to those listed
above, but seemingly they did not come to the U.S (probably one of them
is my ggrandfather - Michael Rosenstrom / Rozenshtrom)
One more fact: the name of the father of Michael and Shprintza is
Shmirel (Shmarihu.(

I need any help in order to find the descendants of the above sisters.

Does anyone know sisters (probably were born between 1890 - 1870) with
such names? Does anyone has any idea how should I find them?

Thank you very much

Alon Ginzberg

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