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Hi Genners

I am still searching for any information regarding the following relatives:

Myer ADLER: (my g.grandfather) Immigrant >from Hungary???- born 1869, married Sarah
PASS on 21st November 1893 at the synagogue - 29 Main Street, Gorbals district,
Glasgow. He was a plumber, master

Children >from this marriage are:

Jeanie Adler : born 27th September 1894 (14 Rose Street, Glasgow).

Rebecca Adler : born 1st September 1897 (12 Crown Street, Glasgow)

Annie Adler : born 12th November 1899 (12 Crown Street, Glasgow)

Joseph Adler :(my grandfather) born 4th January 1902 (13 Adelphi Terrace,Glasgow)

Morris Adler : born 26th February 1904 (12 Hospital Street, Glasgow)

Louis Philip Adler : born 4th April 1909 (82 Thistle Street Glasgow)

Golda Adler born 3rd August 1907 (19 Thistle Street, Glasgow) died on 23rd
February 1914.

No death certs for Myer or Sarah exist. It is possible that they moved to England
or abroad.

Apart >from finding a death certificate for Golda, nothing can be found for the
other brothers and sisters, not even marriage certificates in Scotland between
1920 and 1970.

If anybody can assist in this regard your assistance will be most appreciated.

Sharon Adler
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