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Hanna Goldmann

Dear Genners,

I'm looking for the parents of Mayer (Meyer, Meier)Lazarus GOLDMANN b: 1788/1792?,
Friesenheim?, d: 24th July, 1879 in Friedberg (Hesse) m: Bela Rachel Cassel
(Cassella) in 1815. There exists a familiar connection to WOLFF (Darmstadt).
Children are: Louise GOLDMANN b: 1817 m: Abraham BEYFUSS (Giessen) b: 1805,
Henriette GOLDMANN b: 1819 m: Louis SIMON (Fauerbach) b: 1818, Lazarus GOLDMANN
b: 1824 I.m: Rosette LEVI b: 1828,
II.m: Henriette MAYER (Kindenheim) b: 1832, Anna GOLDMANN b: 1859 m: Jacob CRAMER
(Gleicherwiesen(Thueringen), Louis GOLDMANN b: 1826 I.m: Helene DAVID(Homberg/Ohm)
b: 1825, II.m: Amalie REISS (Echzell) b: 1840, David GOLDMANN, b: 1832 m: Johanna
CAHN (Offenbach am Main) b: 1846.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hanna Goldmann, Germany
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