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stephen field

Looking for entire Jacobs family.
Samuel & Ann Jacobs had 3 children. son George, 2
daughters, Debbie, cannot remember other daughters
name. They lived at 199 Babcock Street Brookline,
Massachusetts. They had a summer home in Hull,
Massachusetts, on the ocean side.
Harold & Ann Jacobs had 3 children, son Robbie, 2
daughters, cannot remember their names. They lived on
Lawton Street Brookline, Massachusetts. They had a
summer home on A street, bay side, Nantasket,
Keevie & Mary (Jacobs) Goodman had 2 daughters, Toby
(Goodman) Weiner, married to lester Weiner, daughter,
Libby, passed away. Lived on Beals Street Brookline,
Betty Citron, had 2 children, Phillip Citron, and
Gayle (Citron) Field) Glassberg. Gayle had 2 children,
was married to Stephen Field, divorced, father of
Ellynne & Andrea. Ellynne Married to Brian Greenbaum
living in California, Andrea Married to Brian Pincus
living in New York. Gayle married Herbert Glassberg
lived in New York. Gayle passed away.
Toby (Goodman) Weiner, Married to Lester Weiner. Had
3 children, son Jonathan, 2 daughters, cannot remember
their names. Had a summer place in Nantasket,
Massachusetts, on either Samoset or Manomet Avenues.
Stephen Field was married to Gayle (Citron) Field.
I would like to get in touch with the family to
explain my side of our separation and divorce,
Please send all information to my E mail address:
Thank you.
Stephen Field

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