JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Help With Finding Obits in Moorpark (Ventora Co.), CA: LIPNER Murray #general

arnonh <arnonh@...>

Hello, Dear Colleagues!

I'm still continuing my search for the LIPNERs originally in NYC, and
had some great progress, thank to some dear colleagues.

I need some help in finding the obit (if exists at all) of:

* Murray LIPNER (23 Oct 1922 - 14 May 1990, Moorpark, Ventura Co., CA),
SSN: 092-16-9027;

I hope to find there some connection to the information I've already got
and some clues as for his descendants.

Thanks in advance,
Arnon Hershkovitz, Israel

HERSHKOVITZ: Galati, Romania -> Israel (1882), some left to the USA,France, SA,
Australia; JACOBSON: Pinsk, Belarus -> Israel (1880s); GOLDBERG: ? ->Jerusalem
(1st mid 19th cen.), some left to USA, Paris; LIBMAN: Kuzmin & Krasilov,Ukraine
(Volhynia Gub.) -> Israel (1920s); SCHREIER: Orinin, Ukraine (Podolia Gub.) ->
Israel (1920s), Russia, USA; TROP: Vilnius, Lithuania -> Israel (mid19th century);
BRUMBERG: Kuzmin, Ukraine (Volhynia Gub.) -> Cuba, USA (1900s);

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