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Alice Josephs

As Dorota has said, language is probably the major barrier. How many of
us understand messages on or could attempt to write a message to a
Slavic language discussion group? Yet the ability to converse in these
languages could well also open up our research and take it into fresh

Also surely some of the same problems which exist in all countries must
arise? The student population is probably the sector with most
opportunity to access the internet. But how many students of Jewish
descent just on the cusp of their working lives and living the student
life feel the need to do genealogy? While a few may do, many may only
come to genealogy later on in their lives.

Also apart >from professionals who have daily access to the internet,
how many of the older generation have access to the internet?

Perhaps it is also worth asking how do we make an English/American
language centric group more accessible to those who have no or little
English. Jewishgen, I think, has a already made efforts to translate
some of its resources into other languages and probably would be happy
for volunteers to come forward to help further with this? Perhaps we
could widen this discussion to discover what is being done for those
without or with little English and throw this open to suggestions which
are do-able for a mostly volunteer organization?

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