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Dear Genners:

I have a couple of additional comments on visiting
family cemeteries that may not have been visited in a long time.

Ask the cemetery office on the phone before visiting if there is perpetual
care on the graves you are researching. If not, you should be prepared to
rescue the grave(s) >from extensive overgrowth. Therefore, bring with you
also a pair of clippers (if there are two of you bring two pair). Wear long
sleeve shirts and long pants not shorts. Also bring several large garbage
bags for the debris >from clearing up the plot. Of course, bring a camera
(and extra batteries,) a clipboard with extra paper and several pens and
paper. Hopefully, you won't need all of this but you might. (I have)

Record everything on the grave stones as well as taking pictures and look
around for relatives.

If you find well tended graves ask the office who is taking care of the
graves. It probably will be a cousin.

Take pictures of the plot gates, and of course, look for relatives' graves.

If there are still burials taking place, ask the office the name, address,
and phone number of the person giving permission to open graves. That
organization might have info not available elsewhere.

Take down the names, addresses and phone #'s of the nearby headstone
suppliers because they might have information for you.

The cemetery also probably has the number of the death certificate and may
even still retain a copy. Always politely ask for a copy of the plot map or
even a cemetery map if available.

There are two additional things you might want to plan to do at the same
time during your visit. The first is to visit the local library looking for
a copy of an obit and secondly to go to the local court house looking for
the Surrogates Court (or its local equivalent) and try to get get a copy of
the will(s)

Joe Fibel
New Rochelle, NY

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