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Schelly Talalay Dardashti

For those that wish more information, go to,
the website of the Houston Jewish Federation, which is coordinating
help for Gulf Coast Jews (not just in New Orleans) impacted by Katrina.
The New Orleans Jewish Federation is now based in the Houston Jewish
Federation offices.

We found out yesterday that our cousins >from Kenner, LA, whose home was
2 blocks >from the lake, all made it out to their daughter's home in Dallas.
Some 44 people, ages 1-64 (grandparents, children, spouses, siblings,
grandkids) are safe there in that one home, although they got out with only
important papers and one change of clothes (expecting to go home the next day).
All the kids are already enrolled in school, a first step in bringing some
normalcy to an abnormal situation. Although none of them have homes,
businesses or jobs to return to, they are safe and sound, albeit crowded
for the time being. Luckily, they are a very close family. Just imagining
the logistics of having 44 people in one home every day for what may be
months is impossible to visualize.

We certainly include in our prayers all the Gulf residents impacted by
Katrina, and salute Texas for doing so much.

And at this time, although not to take our attention off the immense human
suffering, it is appropriate to remind researchers to make back-up copies
(electronic, disk, hard copies) of their work. Make copies and send them
to family in different places. One never knows what may happen.

With best wishes to everyone whose family and friends have been through this,
with the hope that those separated will soon be reunited, and with thanks to
the communities which have welcomed those in need!

Schelly Talalay Dardashti
Tel Aviv
President, JFRA Israel

MODERATOR NOTE: The website given for the Houston Jewish Federation
is not working at the time of this posting. An Internet search
shows it as the correct one.

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