JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: WISEMAN/WEISSMAN #general

Char & Sam Showel

I recently found a branch of the family named WISEMAN who came >from the
Ukraine to Montreal and Quebec. Some of the WISEMAN family came to Chicago,
Los Angeles and possibly Florida. In disucssions they also advised that
there is a branck of the family in Milwaukee who spell their name WEISSMAN.

If anyone has information on WISEMAN/WEISSMAN, please contact me privately
at and be sure to include these names in the subject matter
otherwise I won't open mail >from unknown senders

Charlotte Showel
Las Vegas, NV

Looking for information on: AISUSS/AIZUSS >from Zhytomir, Levkov in the
Ukraine; >from Chicago, Illinois
BOLASNY/BOLASKNA/BLOCK >from Radomyshl, Brusilev in the Ukraine and >from various
locations in the United States
GILIGICH/GLIGICH >from Zhytomir in the Ukraine and >from Vilna, Lithuania

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