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Michael Niedzialkowski <mn@...>

My family in Poland has two photo albums which were given to them
for safekeeping by a Jewish family in 1939. I would like to try and
contact any surviving members or descendants of this family and
reunite them with the material. The information that I have about the
albums and the family is as follows

The albums are dated August, September and October 1935 and show a
visit to Yugoslavia. The family name was SIGMAN and the wife's family
name was SWITTGAL. Mr. Sigman's sister was married to Mr. Markiewicz
and his brother's name was Edward Sigman. Their home address in 1939
was: Ul. Jasnogorska 25(?) Czestochowa, Poland. The Markiewicz family
had a son who went to Sienkiewicz High School with my aunt and a
daughter who went to Slowacki High School in Czestochowa.

If the above rings any bells with please respond privately to I will then send your message to my sister in Poland
who initiated this search.

Michael Niedzialkowski

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