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Hello To All

I need help in loacting marriage record for Davd RAKOFF & Anna
MENDELSON my great-grandparents. According to all records I have
gathered including a new document I have uncovered called a ketubah
they were married in 12/18/1921 in Brooklyn, new york.

I only have a 1940 marriage record for them. So I am asking if they had
the ketubah marriage contract would they have also filed one for the
county they lived in. I am seeking all help in locating that record.
The names on the ketubah are a bit distorted. The last
names(surnames)are not spelled as I know them to be. But the first
names are right on the money, including the marriage date of 1921 which
is listed on my great-grandmother's petition papers.

According to the petition papers my great-grandmother came to america
under the name Elke/Elka Mendelson in 1911 and that name is also on the
ketubah. I always known my grandmother and my mother to call her Anna.
I am seeking help >from anyone who may help, who might have access to
the grooms index for Brooklyn, New York and maybe do a search for me. I
would be forever greatfull.

My great-grandfather David Rakoff was born in 1884 & Anna/Elke was born
in 1889. Both came >from russia. Their are also many variations to the
name rakoff.


Also in the case of my great-grandmother she tended to lie about her
age on most documents. On her death record she was listed in her 70's
and born in 1901, when she was really in her 90's and born in 1889. So
In 1921, She would be about 32 and he would be 37.
So any and all help is appreciated and advice is good to.

Sarah Greenberg

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