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Hello Genners,

Has anyone heard of the female given name Surel. I have looked in the given
names database. I have not found a reference. If this name does exist, what
would be the English, Hebrew, and Yiddish translations?

Please reply privately

Walter Spector

Searching: SPECTOR- Zaslov (Izyaslov) Volhynia Gub. Ukraine-Woodbine NJ
-Philadelphia PA; AB(EBY) Rushany,Grodno Gub. Belarus-Woodbine NJ-
Philadelphia PA; BECKER- Rovno Philadelphia PA Brooklyn NY: SELTZER
(ZELTZER)Rovno,Klevan, Alexandria;-Brooklyn NY
LONDE, LANDAU, LONDON, LANDER, Proskrov-Philadelphia PA
GREENSTEIN-Boston MA: PITKOWSKI Rushany,Grodno Gub. STEINBERG - Philadelphia

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