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Sarah Greenberg has her great-grandparents' December 1921 ketubah, but
cannot locate the marriage certificate. She also has a 1940 marriage record
for them. She's looking for a Brooklyn grooms' index for the 1920s.

The NYC Grooms Index database on covers Brooklyn (Kings
County). However, keep in mind that this database was created >from typed
existing indexes, not >from the documents themselves. These indexes are rife
with misspellings, so you have to be flexible.

Remember to use the "Starts with" option as well as "Sounds like". I used
Steve Morse' shortcut to the search engine (at to find
grooms whose first name began with "da", and surname began with "ra", and
who married in 1921 or 1922.

And, I find
Rackor Dave Dec 18 1921 Brooklyn 15891 (Cert.#)

But it's very odd that Ms. Greenberg also has a 1940 marriage record. Is it
an official NYC marriage certificate? I wonder if her great-grandparents
needed the marriage record in 1940 for some reason, and the clerks couldn't
find it then either.

Good luck in your research.
Monica Leonards
suburban Philadelphia

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