JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Accommodations in the NYC metro area for 2006 IAJGS meeting #general


I am in complete agreement with the advice offered to choose a hotel in
Westchester County as an alternative to more expensive lodging in Manhattan; it
is exactly the recommendation I would have made myself.

A few things to consider, however: How close is the suburban hotel itself to
the nearest "MetroNorth" station, which is the commuter train into Grand
Central Station? And, if it is not within walking distance, does the hotel
provide a shuttle bus back-and-forth to the depot? If the answer to this
question also is "no," then are cabs readily available--having lived in New York
area suburbs, I suspect not!--and how much would these cost?

Similarly, but perhaps more importantly, conference attendees staying out of
"the city" should remember that, if there's a late evening, they are going to
have to make their ways back to their hotels after hours. Even Grand
Central Station can be rather forbidding at those hours (the Port Authority Bus
Terminal being far worse), and the walk between the Marriott Marquis and the
terminal probably is one not that should be made without a buddy.

Thus, commuting expenses should be added to the hotel charges in calculating
the actual out-of-pocket costs of daily lodging. No two ways about it, New
York is an expensive city!

My conscience regarding these safety concerns compels me to post this
cautionary note.

Judy Segal
New York City

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