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1. I research The FRIEDMANN, TEPLITZ and CULUMBUS families who lived prior
to WW2 in Memel/Klaipeda, Bajorai/Bajohren and Kretinga - Lithuania . Is there
somebody who has information concerning these families?
2. In a couple of weeks I'll visit the above mentioned settlements in
Lithuania as part of roots trip and I need information about the
present addresses/locations of the jewish cemetery near Kretinga and of the
Friedmann's assets in Memel/Klaipeda ( flour mills ) and in Bajorai/Bajohren
near Kretinga ( a farm and textile mill named "TeBa" ). Can you advise me
and where can I get this information?
n.b. there is no information on the above mentioned cemetery in the
Jewishgen site.

Please send answers to this email address:

Noga Rub

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