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Dear Everybody, I agree and disagree with what has been written. I wholeheartedly
agree that the best place to be during the conference is the conference hotel;
however >from what I've been reading, it will be extremely expensive. I live a
mere 90 miles away in Philadelphia, and I'm thinking of commuting.
The info about a refrigerator and networking in the hotel are excellent; also the
cautionary message about traveling in NY and outlying areas after dark.
Should you decide to stay in Westchester, Long Island, northern New Jersey,
Chelsea (or other) section of NYC, be sure that you are very close to
transportation to the Marriott. If I recall >from the last NY conference, the
closest subway station was 3 blocks >from the Marriott. Also consider that August
in NY will be hellishly hot and humid -- walking even a block or 2 is exhausting.
Consider also the cost of food at the Marriott -- I understand that they want
$60 (each) for the SIG luncheons.
My suggestion to the movers and shakers of the NY JGS -- move the conference
(it's a year away) to any of the areas mentioned above, and out of midtown
Manhattan. As long as a hotel is convenient to transportation for those who want
to do NY research, theaters, museums etc., there's no reason to be at that

Selma Neubauer
Jenkintown, PA USA
(outside of Philadelphia)
Krichilsk, Olyka, Ludmir - Volhynia Gubernia); NEUBAUER, BERGER
(Radziechowie/Radekhov - Galicia); HOROWITZ (Oshmyany - Belarus); SINGER, NEWMAN
(possibly Kishinev); BRODSKY (possibly Tirashpol)

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