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Marlene Bishow

Hi Merle:

I read your posting with interest. Member of JGSGW went on a tour of "Jewish
Philadelphia" with Harry Boonin on Sunday. Since my husband maternal family also
went to Philadelphia >from Lithuania, I paid particular attention to some of the
points that he made in that regard.

Even if your great grandfather's name does not appear in the index for the
immigrant bank records, if he had a relative in Philadelphia who preceed him
there, that person may have arranged for his tickets to the US. In my husband's
family, his g-g aunt was married to Rabbi Nathan BRENNER, one of the Litvak rabbis
in Philadelphia. The records are in the name of the person buying the ticket, not
in the name of the person traveling on the ticket. If you have any idea as to who
a Philadelphia connection might have been, the detail in the Philly bank records
might give you the name of the ship and date of travel.

Another direction that you might take is to contact the Philadelphia Jewish
Archives (they just moved, so they may be slow in responding). Their website is Perhaps they can identify the Litvak shuls and tell
you where and if their membership records are still in existence.

I hope this helps.

Marlene Bishow
Rockville, MD
VP - Programs

On Sept 12 Sep 2005 , Merle Kastner wrote

My great-grandfather arrived in Philadelphia in 1899-1892 (latest), from
Vilnius/Lida - all his documents state 'Vilnius'/'Vilna', but this could also be
the gubernia to simplify matters for officials - we believe he came >from Lida.

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