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dennis gries

Julian Peerutin <> inquired on Tue, 13 Sep 2005:

"I recently read an article of the Sorenson DNA Web Site and besides for the
option to search their database for a DNA comparrison I noticed that they are
offering a free DNA test kit. I have no commercial interest with this site, but I
was wondering if anybody had heard about them and what their opion might be on
what they are offering. Below is the article: Sorenson DNA Web Site "

Comment for those interested: This is an evolving concept in genealogy. In the
past, there have been fees in the order of USD 100 or so for the testing. Please
note that their query form asks for a lot of information, and there is nothing to
date to suggest that this organization is anything but completely ethical. I have
been to a Sorenson presentation at an LDS/FHC forum, and our local gen. society in
Sarasota FL will be featuring a DNA program in early 2006.

However, my personal feeling and skepticism as a "bricks and mortar" researcher
for several years, and visitor to cemeteries, is how does one gather DNA >from
those dead and buried (or otherwise "to dust") for a century or more? The DNA
process may provide a high certainty of relationship to someone alive (and I have
been briefed on those examples), but perhaps all it will demonstate is just that.
How the two people are connected will still rely on conventional research and
documentation to reach the common point. Not quite as far out as cryogenics, and
if we were able to freeze and maintain samples of our ancestors, this DNA process
would really be exciting.

At least there is a suggestion that the cost will no longer be there, but perhaps
this may only mean that one will spend nothing to obtain nothing, or something
that will be nebulous. Might be better to plumb the claimed nearly 400 million
items listed on Rootsweb - WorldConnect (not a commercial project). Still,
nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Dennis Gries
Sarasota, FL

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