JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen RE: Nettie REISS (1905-2005) Daughter of Yossele ROSENBLATT #general


Our family of FEIGENBAUMs is related to the mother of Taube who was a FEIGENBAUM.
Taube's brothers were listed as FEIGENBAUM on their marriage records in Poland. I
will bet because of the practices in Galicia at the time that in Galicia Taube's
last name was FEIGENBAUM (even though I know her father is KAUFMAN) because of the
common practices of the day.

Louise Hajdenberg
New York City

Her mother was Taube KAUFMAN >from Brzesko, Galicia and she was associated with
Pressburg and Nowy Targ.
Jacob Rosen

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